CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Changer Repair

100 Disc Changer Repair, 200 Disc Changer Repair, 300 Disc Changer Repair, 400 Disc Changer Repair

CD Changers, DVD Changer, and Blu-Ray Changers are very hard to find these days, but people still love them very much. The most common brand of Disc Changer that we see are Sony.

If we can repair your CD Changer $99 to $199 we will move forward with the repair without any further authorization or communication, so please drop off your CD Changer, DVD Changer, or Blu-Ray Changer with the understanding that it will be fixed and we will charge you up to $199. Please be sure you want your Disc Changer repaired before you bring it in.
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