Disc Duplication

CD and DVD Disc Duplication

Carlsbad Repair Center specialized in nearly instant CD and DVD duplication.

You are welcome to bring in your own blank CD media or blank DVD media along with your original CD or DVD and we will be happy to give you a price for making any number of copies from just one to one thousand.

Prices start at just $5 for one quick copy when the customer supplies the blank CD or blank DVD. The following prices are all based on the customer providing the blank media. These prices are for media that does not have copyright protection and specifically these prices are for media that can be duplicated in our Disc Duplicator.

1 copy ... $5
10 copies ... $40
25 copies ... $70
50 copies ... $100

We keep various blank CD media and blank DVD media in stock, so you can also come in with just your original disc and walk out with a copy.

Carlsbad Repair Center specializes is fast CD and DVD duplication, and we can usually make one copy in as little as ten minutes, while you wait.

Please keep in mind that not all disc can be copied or duplicated, and you must obey all laws regarding the duplication of any copyrighted material.

As of 10-24-2021 Repair Center is once again utilizing Quick Drop Off only. 1) Print the QUICK DROP OFF FORM using the blue button below and fill out the form. 2) Drive to our location bring your item to the front door. 3) Talk to the Technician.


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