Espresso Machine Repair

High End Espresso Machine needs help? Time for Service!

Do you have an Expensive Espresso Machine?

Before throwing it away and buying a new one, bring your Espresso Machine to our friendly retail shop in Carlsbad!

We will diagnose and report back with a price for repairs in about a week.

We collect $49.99 at drop off and ask customers to authorize an additional $49.99 for a successful service totaling $99.98. If the repair estimate is greater than $100 then we will contact you with a revised estimate before moving forward. If we can not fix your Espresso Machine, you only pay the original $49.99.

Please carefully research how much your Espresso Machine was when new, because espresso machines range from $75 to well over $2,000.

We want to provide you with an exceptional value that you will remember, so please do not bring in an Espresso Machine that is only worth $100, because in those cases it makes better sense to replace the espresso machine completely.

Effective March 22, 2020 - For customers planning to drop off any device, please use "Quick Drop Off" 1) Print the QUICK DROP OFF FORM. 2) Fill out the form at home. 3) Drive to our location. 4) Park your car. 5) Walk in and drop off your item. 6) Promptly return to your vehicle and wait up to three minutes for us to call you.
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