Keurig Coffee Machine Repair

Half a Cup? Slow Pour? Time for Service!

Is the hot water coming out of your Keurig very slowly or not at all?

Does it take longer for your Keurig to make coffee than it used to?

Before throwing it away and buying a new one, bring your Keurig Coffee Maker to our friendly retail shop in Carlsbad!

We use a food safe and non toxic solution to remove calcium and coffee grinds from the water line. After this service, you can expect your machine to make coffee faster and make a full cup like it was intended.

We collect $49.99 at drop off and $19.99 when the service is complete totaling $69.98. If we can not fix your Keurig, you only pay the original $49.99 that we collected when your dropped off your Keurig.

As of 6-24-2021 Repair Center is once again allowing customers in the shop. For customers that would prefer curb side service, we can absolutely still provide curb side service. If you would like curb side assistance then please use the Quick Drop Off Form.


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