Nintendo Wii Repair

Nintendo Wii Repair - Click Here for Nintendo Wii U Repair

The only repair that we offer for Nintendo Wii is to repair or replace the disc drive in the Nintendo Wii. This is an extremely common problem. If your Nintendo Wii has any issues with: playing, reading, seeing, inserting, or ejecting a disc, the disc drive needs to be repaired or replaced for which we charge $79.99. We will move forward with the repair without any further authorization or communication, so please drop off your Nintendo Wii with the understanding that we will repair or replace the disc drive. Please be sure you want your console repaired before you bring it in. All prices on this website are based on using PROMO CODE "RCWEBSITE" at time of check in.

As of 10-24-2021 Repair Center is once again utilizing Quick Drop Off only. 1) Print the QUICK DROP OFF FORM using the blue button below and fill out the form. 2) Drive to our location bring your item to the front door. 3) Talk to the Technician.


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