Television Repair

Repair Center is happy to fix your TV. If the screen itself is physically damaged or has stopped working for any other reason, the repair is not typically cost effective. If the screen itself is broken, damaged, or otherwise defective, we suggest that you go to Best Buy and purchase a new TV. It is not worth fixing any television that has a broken or defective screen. If the screen is OK, but a circuit board inside of the TV needs to be replaced, then a repair is typically $200 to $300. Television diagnostics typically take a week and repairs typically take a few weeks, although repair times can never be guaranteed.

We not currently offering onsite television repair because of CV19, and while you are able to bring your TV to our shop, many televisions are difficult and dangerous to move and it is easy to break the screen when moving a television. The charge for diagnostics is $99 and that amount is applied towards the repair of the television, but is non refundable.

We fix all major brands of TV including: LG, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, VIZIO, and many more.

While we do not advise you try to repair your own electronics in general, please be aware that there is a high risk of electric shock and possibly of death if you try to take apart your own television. Never try to repair, service, or take apart your own television.

As of 6-24-2021 Repair Center is once again allowing customers in the shop. For customers that would prefer curb side service, we can absolutely still provide curb side service. If you would like curb side assistance then please use the Quick Drop Off Form.


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