Drone Repair

Drone Repair Services

Drones are high performance devices and regularly require maintenance as well as repairs and replacement of parts. We charge $49.99 an hour to diagnose, repair, or attempt to repair drones. A good rule of thumb is that if your drone can be replaced for less than $250 it is probably not worth fixing. The reason for this is that even if the entire service needed is only three hours of labor and an inexpensive part, the total will probably be close to $200.

Historically, Drone Repairs take at least a few weeks, and sometimes over a month. For customers that need to use a drone immediately, we suggest that they use an alternate device until service is complete.

Drones have a lower success rate than most other devices. For example, with Apple iPhones, the success rate is over 80% because most of the time we can simply replace the screen without having to perform sophisticated diagnostics. With drones, the success rate is only about 60% because often times drones have either suffered a serious crash or have been exposed to liquid, and may be a total loss. Other times, although we are able to replace the parts that are obviously broken, it does not guaranteed that the entire device will function after those parts are replaced.

Often times the Gimbal of a Drone becomes damaged because of a minor crash. In this case the most reliable strategy is to actually replace the entire Gimbal and Camera Assembly at once. We can also attempt to repair the Gimbal, but in this case the success rate is not as high. The Drone Repairs that have the highest success rate are those in which we replace the entire Gimbal and Camera Assembly, in this case the success rate is almost 80% which is excellent. Another benefit of this strategy is that if the Drone still does not work, the total time spent is often just 1-2 hours and the Gimbal and Camera Assembly can be returned for a refund.

Conversely, if we spend 3-5 hours on trying to repair a Gimbal, the fee of $150 to $250 is not refundable even if the Drone does not work. We have repaired many Gimbals without replacing them, but it is a higher risk strategy with a lower success rate.

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