Roomba Vaccum Repair

Roomba Vacuum Cleaning and Repair Services

At least once a year or every 30 uses, we suggest that you have your Roomba professionally cleaned. For just $49.99 we will take apart your Roomba Vacuum remove all the hair and dust and get it (almost) as clean as the day you bought it using a high powered air compressor and a variety of special hair removal tools. Hair and dust will be removed from the Roomba Cliff Sensor, the Roomba Wheels, the Roomba Optical Sensors, and the filter will be either replaced or cleaned. If in our opinion your Roomba needs cleaning only, we will charge you $49.99 only, but if we believe that the Roomba needs any repair or replacement parts up to $119.99, we will complete the repair and charge you up to $119.99.
We love to repair iRobot Roomba Robot Vaccums, but we do not repair any other brands of robot vacuum such as Samsung, Neato, Shark, or any other brands of robot vacuum. iRobot Roomba Robot Vaccums are the only robot vacuums that we repair.
We repair Roomba Vacuum issues such as battery replacement, stuck wheels, and replacing broken parts. If we can repair your Roomba Vacuum for $49.99 to $119.99 we will move forward with the repair without any further authorization or communication, so please drop off your Roomba with the understanding that it will be fixed and we will charge you up to $119.99. Please be sure you want your Roomba Vacuum repaired before you bring it in.

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