Sewing Machine Repair

Clean, Oil and Adjust for only $48.95

Fast, Friendly, and Local Sewing Machine Repair Service right here in Carlsbad!

6353H El Camino Real,
Carlsbad, CA 92009

We specialize in Singer, Pfaff, Juki, Bernina, Brother, Elna, Hussqvarna Viking and Kenmore Sewing Machine Repair Services.

Weekly Special:
Clean and Oil Inside Of Machine Check: Motor, Connection, Pulley, Needle Bar, Zig-Zag Swing, Needle Front to Back and more. Adjust as needed: Bobbin Case Tension, Top Tension, Straight Stitch, Thread Regulator, Zig Zag and more.

Sewing Machine Services are $129.99 and up. Repairs that are less than $159.99 will be completed without further communication or authorization. Most Sewing Machine Repairs take about 2 weeks. We charge a non refundable fee of $79.99 up front when you drop off your sewing machine, and that fee is applied to the total. For example, if a service is $159.99 and you pay $79.99 up front then the amount due when you pick up would be $80.00. In the event that your sewing machine can not be successfully serviced, then we typically charge only the initial $79.99 fee that we collect when you drop off.

Many Sewing Machines are worth repairing. There are also many Sewing Machines that are not cost effective to repair. If your Sewing Machine was less than $400 we do not suggest that you pay to have it repaired or even pay for the initial evaluation.

Some repairs are less complicated than others and the price is very reasonable, other repairs are much more expensive. About 5 days after a Sewing Machine is dropped off, we will update you with our initial evaluation and provide you with a estimate for the repair.

As a general guide, to provide an idea historical repair estimates in the last year, about 50% are less than $200, about 30% are $200 to $400 and about 20% are over $400. As stated previously, we charge a non refundable fee of $79.99 up front when you drop off your sewing machine. We can not predict how much your repair will cost at the time of drop off.

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6353H El Camino Real
Carlsbad, CA 92009

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6353H El Camino Real
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