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We can help you with these repairs, but unlike almost every other repair that we offer, we do not fix all iPods in our own retail shop. Some iPods are sent out to our repair partner for service, which typically takes 2-3 weeks and costs about $150-$250. We suggest that you consider replacing your device whenever possible, while we understand that replacing your device is not always an option. For customers that need iPod Repair, you can bring your device to our location in Carlsbad. Please scroll down for Apple iPod Repair Prices.

For customers planning to drop off any device, please use "Quick Drop Off" 1) Print and fill out the QUICK DROP OFF FORM at home or at our retail location. 2) Drive to our location and park your car. 3) Drop off your item and the form at the front door.

A REPAIR CENTER team member will meet you at the front door to recieve your items and your QUICK DROP OFF FORM.


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Repair Price Turnaround Time
Any Repair $200 - $300 2-3 Weeks

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